Crossfit Gym & Weight Training Centre Marketing

Promote your Milton Keynes & Northampton Crossfit Centre. Market your Nutritional & Raw Fitness Training company successfully on all Digital Media platforms, Website and Social Media.

Fitness Results

Summer is on it's way and your trying your hardest to boost your membership, make sure your Gym, Crossfit and Raw Conditioning Training Centre is found on all Social Media platforms and page one of Google, these are where people start looking for the training disciplines offered by you. Talking about you is great on your about us page, but don't have you in your video promoting tomorrows conditioning class (Seeing it happen). Create audience capturing promotional videos with your members as the portfolio of recommendations.

Successful Marketing

Having a Gym and a Facebook profile is great, but don't rely on it as your only place of contact, traditional websites still attract customers, and posting and monetizing videos to YouTube can be a secondary source of income. Don't target your customers by throwing Spaghetti at a wall and hoping some of it sticks. If you're offering promotions without using SEO, PPC or Social Media for your Gym website, your offers will only ever be seen by your members and friends.

Training For YouTube

Have a great new fitness regime that your members love but you don't know how to promote? Do you know how to professionally post videos to YouTube? More than 5 Hours of video about fitness and training are uploaded every hour, it's of no surprise that people post a couple and then give up after they are viewed in single digits. That's especially frustrating if you have something original to say and show. We're not promising you 100k a week, but we'll make sure you're found by prospects closest to you, and are more likely to become a member.

You've Got It

What we can do for your business:

   -- Utilise fully the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Social Media What Have You.
   -- Incorporate social features like Activity Streams so to provide a more complete platform for all your future members to fully appreciate your projects.
   -- How do you regularly update your Social Media profile without the usual same old, same old?
   -- Capture your Milton Keynes & Northampton customers with engaging landing page copy, making sure they not only find out more about your Crossfit or Pilates Gym so they take the next step!
   -- Actively promote your community, members don't join because they want to train alone. Effectively promote your location, it's unique, so are you.

How to effectively promote your varying disciplines, Crossfit, Pilates, Raw Conditioning, Weight Training.

Your companies growing challenge for it's members and fitness professionals is ensuring they're equally experiencing acceptable results, it's not just a 'fit and forget'. You and your members must both make sure they obtain and maintain an excellent return on their investment from the benefits of being associated with your Gym / Fitness Centre.

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