SME Cyber Security

IT has helped build your business and made it the success it is today. Like most you’re undoubtedly using a range of IT equipment and services to gain further advantage for your business and promote and grow online.
The public sector relies on it, the private sector has it's eyes on it.


Why should you use individual computer security, when you already have network Firewalls? You cannot rely on the knowledge or lack of it on any single member of staff. Your Firewall can be bypassed by them bringing in iTunes libraries and uploading them to the network server, connecting thumb and pen drives to share graphics and files with work colleagues. Threatening financial and private information, can breach information confidentiality that should belong solely to your customers and their clients.

3rd Party

If you're a third party supplier, there's a very large risk that having your data stolen in an attack will (at a minimum) cost you the loss of contracts. It's also worth noting, that getting awarded supply contracts in the first place could well depend on your cyber security infrastructure. As a supplier you'll have to openly demonstrate your cyber accreditations and certifications. Amongst the benefits there are also risks, in 2014, over 55% of UK small businesses experienced a cyber breach. The average cost was tens of thousands for each documented case. Knowledge in preparation makes sure your have the right controls protecting the right equipment.

Small Business Cyber Security

Be Cost Effective

The nature of Startups and Small Business is that they usually have a lack of funds, and individual employees can have little knowledge of the potential dangers. Outsourcing of internal staff can also cause problems as they are sometimes blase about going online and the subsequent downloading of files and folders. Small Business funding problems also extend to the sharing and/or use of employees personnel mobile phones and other IT equipment to save some money, this all adds up to a significant total risk.


If you're a Startup you'll be pushing your public awareness campaign to the maximum, you must have a full understanding of what's good marketing strategy and what can offer cyber criminals to much information. Many small businesses in an attempt to gain visibility put to much information on Social Media Profiles. Employees must be educated about being safe online.

You need to outline a strategy of awareness, from management level to temp employees. Do you need to make an investment? What strategies do you already have in place if you experienced a security breach now? Can you stretch to Cyber Liability Insurance? or Cyber Essentials? These questions should be asked by startup companies and each answered convincingly.