Mobile Advertising

Mobiles Advertising

Any time Anywhere


Mobile Advertising stats show that approximately 5 Billion global consumers are inseparable from their mobile devices, mobile advertising is providing a 21st century opportunity to connect with consumers.
With mobile advertising on the rise and with B2C and B2B marketers hoping to benefit from mobile advertising, what are the real beneficial details it can offer marketers that other advertising platforms don't.

Wherever Whenever

Consumers and Business employees use their mobiles for everything they do, some have stated they don't use their smart phone even to make calls! From internet, social media, music and other App usage, GPS tracking, advertisers can get instant add effectiveness and evaluate and correlate their campaigns, making mobile advertising a more efficient advertising platform.

The future - Deep Linking & Hyperlocal

Thinking about a campaign? Try and be aware of the latest development in app popularity, locality advertising and user generated content, and with App developers still waiting to fully unlock the potential for additional advertising revenue, there are infinite possibilities. We've all seen where your dead time is matched by blank advertising space on an App and internet space.
An App inside an App. Awareness Through Installation. A very cost effective way of advertising your App is to advertise it inside another app promoting or selling similar products.
People love to find the next great thing, surveys prove, actively promoting your App this way leads to installation and purchases of products.

Advertising Cost

With global smart phone usage set to reach 2 billion by 2016 and unique App downloads already reaching 50 billion, App To App advertising space still in its infancy is set to go premium by 2020.
Targeting + relevance = increased engagement. Clothing store operators could add 'personnel content suggestions', directly linking to further pages within the app itself, not just a web page, this could also be enhanced by your GPS location or proximity to the store itself.