Marketing & All That

"Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation or sharing of content, for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases".

Creating a well written web page that enthrals and engages your readers, that's the primary goal of any content marketing strategy. What makes a successful website post? one that informs your audience, and serves up information that the reader will find beneficial to them.
Don't give them so much that they'll find all they need to know, but create enough information for them to become interested in what more your business might do for them.

Tales for Sales

I recently had a meeting with a client who is producing Ceramic Pottery, very much a bespoke design with a comparatively narrow market place. Her idea for promotion was: create, tell her network of friends, take some photos, post on her website and wait for googlebot, her target market was pretty small! I suggested some photos on Pinterest and YouTube videos of her creating and finishing her work turning on the potters wheel, once this overall concept had sunk in or 'kilned', she agreed, she now has another two thriving lead generation tunnels.

If you sell wholesale with a product that you're passionate about, but your retailers are less so, be proactive in your marketing! Produce end user photos and videos to give your retail public some ideas, don't leave your product in the 'impulse buy' category.

Proactive Marketing


If content marketing is central hub of your businesses marketing campaign, then social media is the trafficking network; an effective distribution system that you can be assured of, getting your content into the hands of your prospected target audience, who have already done some of the work for you by searching for like minded products and services that you're offering. But as with everything else, timing is everything, post at the wrong time and you'll get bogged down or lost in traffic, but you need to post early enough for it to be delivered effectively.

Customer Service

Do you consider good customer service part of your marketing program? good customer service can lead to one thing, a word of mouth recommendation, word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing. When a customer engages actively and spreads the word, they become ambassadors for your business.

Creating Decisions

82% of business decision makers will prefer to get your company information through a series of well written articles and not an advertisement. How To articles, White Papers. 79% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did a year ago.

Don't Care Marketing

Which leads me onto something else i've noticed more of lately, incomplete Social Media profiles and defunct URL's! Don't stop updating your Facebook profile! If you stop completely, customers (visitors) to your profile page will think you've closed down.
Some businesses change owners and with it the rights for the domain, so why leave the website address outside your business if all it shows the visitor is '.com is unavailable or may not exist'! It just gives the impression of 'laziness and i can't be bothered', so why should your customers?

Visual Content Is King

An emerging driving force in the content marketing landscape is visual content, people react 60k times faster to visuals than written text, (i'm now thinking i should have created an Infographic rather than typing this out!) Creating traffic is the reason for creating content, so experiment with what works best for you, pictures, graphics or Infographics. Business pages are now starting to enhance their content marketing efforts with visuals, and 'show and not tell' marketing campaigns.