Small Business Focus

As a Small Business Startup we know it's easy to lose focus as you're constantly getting bombarded with all the information that's available! So we put together this page to help you stay focused on what's important in the beginning.

The Dream

You have an idea for a niche company, you create a website, you enter the details into Google, wait a few days to be ranked, and people from everywhere start ringing you up!

The reality

If you already have a website let's hope it's a good one, more than 50 percent of your website visitors will judge whether they want to do business with you by how good your website is, (business perception credibility).
It must be modern, give a clear message, be mobile friendly and easy to navigate, one that gives you your best chance of converting your new visitors into new customers.

Social Media

Social Media can offer countless opportunities if you know how to utilise them, if you're business is sales, post links to manufacturers blog updates every couple of days, post a link to your informative creative work twice a week, focus on your keyline services, let your followers know you're the new go to company for a professional service supply. Don't buy social media followers, large number of followers on social platforms fool no one and add no credibility to your company, and they don't aid SEO.

Content Marketing

Create informative customer focused creative work regularly including videos, create your own blog, make sure the updates are found by posting links on all the main Social Media platforms, and don't forget to update your sitemap xml (you do have one of those, don't you?). Creating regular work, keeps your customers and followers informed about the latest services offered by you or products supplied by you.
Each new page should contain at least 500 words, must keep your customers interested or entertained but must never be too salesy.

SEO For Business

Install Google analytics on your website, or visit your websites 'cpanel' to gain more in site into who's finding your site, what search terms did they use to find you, and are they local or international visitors. Find your niche and help your website gain more visitors, write your title tag and article text accordingly by undertaking professional SEO and keyword implementation, never overdo your keywords. Take advantage of Schema markup, it works if utilised correctly, this helps search robots breakdown and read your web page HTML correctly, and help them differentiate your pages.


Office Efficiency

Hours can be lost in a day, and days lost in a month, if your office isn't run efficiently from the off. Everything through your office network, to making phone numbers for mobile operatives are the right ones, can save you time and money each day.
To try and maximise this efficiency we break these down to three main categories.

Quality of super structure

Expertise at the management level. Quality of any skilled labour workforce
Clear authority hierarchy
This hierarchical structure will determine how efficient labour and quality responsibilities are assigned and coordinated, and how quickly decisions are acted upon when problems arise.

Quality of sub-structure

Unskilled labour
Overall staff competency in their performance.
Efficiency of hardware and software.

Quality of external works

End user product
Business relations, show your customers you're human, recognise customers on social platforms, never go short in showing appreciation for their service.
Advertising literature. Rough people equal rough cars, scrappy presentations equate to a scrappy performance.


Try and remained focused on why you started the business in the first place, plan ahead for the next month with up to three main goals, add all your targets to your diary or stick them on the wall. Try to avoid distractions of employee gossip, keep a track of what you've achieved so far and celebrate the victories.